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Rad & Trad Ki
Energy Types
Beginner Styles
Novice Styles
Intermediate Styles
Advanced Styles
Advanced Styles 2
Advanced Styles 3
Original Styles
Experimental Styles
Astral Projection
Training Tips
Training Ways

This Page will help explain what Chi/Ki is and a few other energy types if you see something wrong with the page email me and i will think about what you said and if it seems right then I will change it

Chi/Ki- Is Energy moving around in your body right now. Basically energy that is keeping you alive along with your blood. There are many ways to use Chi/Ki the one that people would most often do is Trad. Ki which is used in martial arts such as Aikio, Chi Kung, also Tai Chi these are the ones i know about if you know of more that utalize Chi/Ki then email me the name of it and i will add it

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