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These are some things people gave to me to try or whatever or new things i thought of that i put here that havent been tested yet or have been tested but not enough to put them under a page yet.


Now...some people may believe this...and some may not...its all your choice of rather to believe in it or make your choice right here and now to read on and here comes the good part:- Bukujutsu the art of flying..first you must be light on your feet, thinking you can walk on water light, Do a couple footworking movements for a week- a month or maybe a bit more if you wanna get some extra training and practice with movements..then when you think your pretty light on your feet, and stomach isnt weighing you dont+ having a good control of your Ki then just push your Ki down to your feet and below and use them light jet shoes but with the jets on ur feet or whatever your wearing and have them lift u up either with visualazation, Sheer Will power or spliting both of them up...for some people it works best different ways...have fun with should be a blast when u get it :-D *Warning((Any ki user can sense out ur power and they will be hell strong and rush out for a fight they will have things such as flight and visible be warned try not to do it often since other people will try and kill u specially the goverment thinking your a missle so stay low to the ground as possible and only do it at night))*

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