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After Working on the Beginner styles then move on to this one which is a bit higher than the other ones. So basically a little bit more adv. for starters

These are some Novice Styles that people should try after they have tried the beginner stuff and got it down pretty well.
-(*Warning* Associated with Rad Ki)-First of all you want to be in a horse stance or standing up with your eyes closed (you dont have to do things this way but from my exp. it works well for me so i thought i'd just put both ways) Next have a good feeling for your Ki and were everyounce of it is in your body includeing how much you have in your Hera. After finding the Ki. Move some of the Ki into teh chakras just a slight amount not to much that you get very painful injuries but just enough that you can sorta get a "feel" that you put enough there. After this process start to move your Ki slow at first (If you can yell then do that as time progesses). As your moving the ki slowly around in your body dont move it outwards but keep it moving through your whole body. As a few seconds/Minutes pass by start to move your Ki faster and faster. As your moving your Ki faster and faster try and let out a yell. If you dont then it will mess up the process and make your lungs sorta tighten up so try to yell if you can or just blow out air fast from your mouth and nose. As you got your Ki to go faster Push it as fast as it can go through your body without harming you. After you get your Ki to move as fast as you can make it go through your body. You should feel a bit of warmth.You do not want to explode your Ki in your body even if it is your Ki do not make it explode it will harm your Chakras. But as you cont. to Move your Ki through your body at high speeds keep it like that as long as you can.
Ki Ball
(Radical Ki)- You can power u for it. But its your choice. First cup your hands making a sorta off O with an open in between it. Then start to move or "Tug" your energy to the palm of your hands and try to cover your whole palm. After doing so Push the Ki from the outer edges of your palms down making a sphere shell. But with an opening. After making the Shell push the Ki through the opening to fill up the shell after filling up the shell...well thats about it. its a ki ball..
Ki Blast
(Radical Ki)- Well its the step after making a Ki ball even thought u wont see the ki ball but some say they can see theirs but anyway. on to the blasting first after making your ki ball look at the thing or person your going to blast at once you get a good inner feeling about this sorta a sense or something then point your hand out at them one or two hands dosent matter. But once ur hands are pointed out at the person dont vizualize ur ki just flying away i mean u can do it that way but a different way is to just sorta feel it as a hard rock and push it away without moving your hands but mentally pushing it or something along those lines then you can vizualize your Ki going throw the opponent or explode infront of them or explode in them 3 Big choices but there are probably more...
Ki Beam
(Radical Ki)- Alright this is a different longer version of blasting basically just a blast with a thick tail as some would say or something. First make a ki ball in your hand a bit bigger err as big as you can if u want..Then when u get it right Point one or both of yours hands out at something you want to hit or whatever then when you get that same feeling like for Ki blasting then you can either Vizualize your Ki fling away from your hand with a tail behind it still connected to your hand. Or use the rock method i said before and kinda push it away but continusly using Ki to make the tail. Sorta like using Ki to push it along and also keeping it connected to your hand and the three same choices up there...
((Under Construction))

Well if you have any questions, Comments whatever Email me