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Chakras- Energy Storage places going up and down your body. In your body there are 7 Main chakras and secondary ones then down into Minor Chakras. starting from head to below the stomach the chakras are stated.
Crown Chakra- The chakra on top of your head
Brow (Third Eye)- This Chakra is placed in the middle of your forehead. Some people claim to say when you open up this chakra you can see Ki but there is something wrong with that idea most of the time your chakras are always on.
Throat Chakra- This chakra is placed in your throat.
Heart Chakra- This chakra here is in your heart mostly people who like a lot of love or somethin will probably use this chakra to empower them in a fight or so..
Solar Plexus Chakra- This chakra here will relate to your inner power/Personality
Sex Chakra- This one i will not even go into cause it seems as if people know about this one and is placed a bit below your navel next to your Hera.
Earth Chakra- This one is placed at the back of the person basically near there spain at the bottom.

As You can see there isnt much here so if u have any more information on these chakras email me