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Training Ways

These are some hints or training ways if you cant think of any. Sorta like giving you some general ideas of training.

Stamnia Build
-A Way to build stamnia which will greatly help in spars and fights is to either walk on a treadmill or just regular walking. First start out just walking normaly for about 15-20 Mins. After walking start to pick up the pace of your walking to maybe a sorta Jog and do this for about 15-20 Mins also. After that start to run but not as fast as you can. Run for a General 10 Mins. After running go back to a slow/Normal Pace walking you will want to walk for about 25 Mins. After the 25 Mins have passed you will want to then sprint/Run as fast as you can for about 5-10 Mins. Minimum is 5 and the maxiumum is 10. Once finishing this do not sit down to take a break unless your dont training for the mean while. This should help build stamnia and also make you stronger in the legs.
(excerpts from Ultimate Training for the martial arts heh)
Speed Secret 1: Soft Eye
Straight, erect posture creats good vision and focus. Look directly over your opponent's shoulders. Continue to star past his body at any fixed object. This unique visual state is soft eye. The background will become almost blurred. Your Opponent's image will seem to project toward you. He will be the only thing you see clearly, allowing you to act or react quickly. This full body viewing allows you to detect the intions of your opponent, from head to toe in one glance. Implementation of this procedure is a matter of intent. Use it whenerv you choose there is no adverse effect to your eyesight. Two exercises can help you quickly increase your eye speed and strength for enhanced perception.
Speed Exercise 1: Pencil Pushups
Some people's eyes do not coverge properly when they're doing close work. To see if that is a problem for you, hold a pencil at arm's length. Start moving it toward your eyes. stop when you see two pencils if your hand is about seven inchs from your face then you have convergence insufficiency. To correct the problem, do the exercise again. This time, attempt to see just one pencil. Move the pencil closer, then away. Keep trying to focus as the pencil moves in and out. Within a week of practiceing this for five minutes each day, You will develop the ability to view a single pencil from a position two inches from your eye. Fast reaction starts with your ability to see the incoming teachnique clearly. This exercise will help you make this determination even when the punchs and kicks are close to your face.
Speed Exercise 2: Eye Sprinting
Place a magazine about ten feet away from where you are standing. Next, hold another magazine at your normal reading distance, usually about twelve to fourteen inches away from your nose. Train your eyes on the closest magazine. Now look at the periodical ten feet away. Refocus your eyes as they jump from magazine to magazine. Do this for five minutes a day and you will develop the ability to focus more quickly on objects far and near. Practicing allows you to detect incoming movements from your opponent more clearly.
Speed Exercise 3: Paper Chase
Tear a piece of paper into small squares. Have a partner hold them at your shoulder height. Reach out to grab the bits of paper as your partner tries to pull them away, challenging your ability to catch one. Continue to practice this until you can grab most of the papers before your partner can move them out of reach.
Speed Exercise 4: Blow for Blow
Target practice using sound as stimulus is a great way to increase your speed. Have a training partner hold a target bag. With a whistle in his mouth he can blow to indicate a time for you to strike the bag. With each sound, try to hit the bag as quickly as you can. Challenge yourself; continue the exercise at an ever-increaseing pace, varying the strikes and kicks, Have your training partner move around the floor to increase the challenge. Compare your reaction times as the exercise continues. You will notice your response time decreasing as you practice.
Speed Exercise 5: Is anybody out there?
Shadowboxing is a great method for building speed. Picture an opponent standing in front of you and trying to hit you. Use your imagination to try to anticipate the moves of your invisible adversary. Stamnia and endurance build this practice, allowing you to keep your speed consistent through an acctual match. By practicing without fear and injury, you can experiment with fast defensive and offensive moves against your invisible opponent.

If you have any questions or comments or something about these ways then Send me an Email.