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These are just some brief training tips i've learned over time and some i think might help if you dont like them you dont have to follow them or if you already know them great if you didnt well here ya go.

Well Here are some starter stuff for training Tips.
Only go 1 Hour if your working with weights since when working with weights it tears down your muscle then rebuilds them back up stronger you want to go as fast and hard as you can in that hour dont go slow.
Ki training- Dont just keep doing Ki blasts and Ki beams and stuff try to go out like power up for a bit then do some katas, train with a sword or something. Dont keep trying Dbz things and also meditate for a while.

It is also important to shadow box...incase you get into a fight but one thing to always keep on your mind is never think in a fight, Just go with the flow and sense out the other person's movements using all your senses..

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