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These are some starting styles (Techniques) For those people who are just starting Ki. Now im going to say right now that most of these techs are probably goin to be switched around from other sites if i see somethign wrong with it or something that could mess with your chakras. So it may take a while for these to work or if you have questions email me.

Sensing your Ki
- First of all you can be sitting or standing for this one. Close your eyes and just start to vizualize your body hollow showing your energy ways and veins and all. Running through your body. After vizualizeing that try and vizualize any color for your ki. Once you've done this you should be feeling  a bit of some sort of tingle in your body.
Controlling your Ki
- Ok this is one that most people will probably not like since it is part of rad ki but i will try not to make it that so. First close your eyes and vizualize those veins again and senseing your Ki running through them. After vizualizeing your ki running through. Try and "Pull" your Ki to any part of your body but dont Force pull it just sorta move it normally pull it.. through your body to that part of the body you want. Once getting to that part of the body you should feel something.
Ki Breathing
- This one i also learned in Aikido very simple. Put your tongue on the top of your mouth and breathe in. Once you breath in and want to exhale put your tongue back down and breathe out very simple and easy to do.
- Well this one can go either way since you do basically go into a trad ki stance but then use rad ki to provide yourself with energy from the earth to replenish yours i will state one of the easy ways here...First go into a Horse stance legs spread apart with knees bent.then imaginge roots coming from your legs down into the ground. After letting them stab into the ground start to "Pull" Energy from the earth then going into your Hera or whereever you want the energy. After finishing send out a "Channel" of your energy back into the earth then take out the roots from the ground and thats about it for Grounding.
Empowering Aura
-This one is just for fun..getting you more used to ki but warning you this may prove to be rad ki...anyway to do this feel out your ki in your body. You can either use it with will power or try and feel it out with your hera every last inch of Ki. After figureing your Ki in your body either use your Hera or Will Power whichever you prefer to move your Ki to the edges of your body. (not outside but making a sorta line all along your body). After making the Line With your body slowly kinda "Tug" on your Ki with your aura pulling it out and adding or "Stiching" That power to your aura to give it some Umph to it. *Note*: This is primary for fun and will not raise powerlevel... i repeat will not power you up so dont keep doing it. its mainly for control of Ki.

If you have anymore information on these styles (Techniques) Email them to me But if u you please dont not put alot of stress on Radical Ki i am trying to move away from it sorta.