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This page will explain the differences..Pros and Cons of Radical Ki and Traditional Ki below also i will show some intents of what the point of doing them. so basically I will go all out on this page

Alright this is finally the part where i explain the differences between these two majors types of Ki ways.
Traditional Ki
The kind of Ki training. where you build technique quicker than your Ki level as a figure of speech. Trad Ki is mainly stuff like Karate, Aikido, Tai Kwon Do, Tai Chi and basically martial arts that uzalize the inner energy in the body. They try and use the energy for strike and self defense or parring attacks away from your body to not cause harm. Like many of them they will most likely try and tell you to use you oppenets own Ki and throw it back to them. Basically what there saying is if someone attacks you parry or "Move" There force/Ki back to there body to cause some discomfort but not enough to mortally wound them that much.
Can build strength
Great Exercise for the body
Builds Character/Personality
Ways to help avoid or defend yourself from a fight.
Raises Ki level slower than Rad Ki
Radical Ki
This is mostly the new wave "Main Stream" Ki way. In this type of Ki they utalize the energy in the body for every thing. strikeing,defending, raiseing stats, Mostly this is the one taken by teens as people say but there are also older people who will do this. Radical Ki is mainly for fun but, some people will take this type of Ki personally. Rad Ki seems to have a bit more "changeing" effects on the body. Not by tireing your muscles but cause headaches or so often maybe even giving a person slight paralises.
Raises Ki level faster than anything mostly.
Can have Great fun with it :)
Looked down apon by some people (dont know if that's really a con but lets put it there anyway)
Wont raise your stats as high as physical training such as Trad Ki.

This is a cont. battle to keep going on so it would be great if you have any feedback on it and i will add it to the site so just send me an Email.